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Gaining access to a Houston commercial real estate loan just got a lot easier thanks to Larry the Lender. With years of experience in this industry, the team behind Larry the Lender is ready to provide commercial real estate investors with the money they need to leverage opportunities.

Real Estate Loans For Commercial Investors

The Process for our Commercial Real Estate Lenders in Houston TX

With a commercial real estate loan in Houston TX and our simple approval process, you have the flexibility and agility to seize even last-minute, once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.

  • With traditional Houston commercial real estate lenders (i.e. banks and credit unions and other financial institutions), the loan approval process can take weeks, if not months. At the rate the commercial real estate industry moves, you could be left out of many opportunities.
  • Let’s not forget that these commercial real estate lenders in Houston TX are going to take the time to scrutinize your credit and lending history and base your eligibility on that. If your credit is dinged, you run the risk of being turned down or becoming stuck with a loan that features outrageous interest rates and terms.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans For:

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This probably doesn’t sound like the ideal situation, does it? With Larry the Lender, you can secure a hard money Houston commercial real estate loan so you are able to put your investments in purchasing, remodeling, or fixing up income-producing property.

We want to get you approved for a commercial real estate loan in Houston TX as soon as we can. Because we make all approval decisions in-house, we are able to move quickly. Our staff will work diligently to get your property appraised right away so we can approve your hard money loan.

These loans don’t carry any penalty if you pay them off early, and you also won’t be pounded over the head with up-front or hidden fees.

With a Houston commercial real estate loan by Larry the Lender, you will be ready to take advantage of some of the most promising commercial real estate opportunities that come your way.