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Are you looking in the right place for your Texas private money real estate loan? When you need money quickly, finding the right lender through traditional channels can be a challenge — if not impossible given the blemishes on your credit. Most loans rely on your credit score as evidence of your ability to repay — but our options for a private money real estate loan in Texas can help you get money faster and easier.

At Larry the Lender, we offer hard-money loans that help you get cash in hand faster than other Texas private money real estate lenders. When you are looking for a way to secure a quick, easy, and substantial loan, look no further than your trustworthy private money real estate lenders in Texas.

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What are the advantages of using Larry the Lender for a Texas private money real estate loan?

At Larry the Lender, our loans do not use a traditional underwriting process. Instead, they depend on the value of the collateral that you are able to provide against the value of the loan. These options for a private money real estate loan in Texas can help borrowers who:

  • Need quick money from a company that is not interested in going through your credit report with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Prefer more flexible lending terms and repayment options that suit their lifestyle.
  • Want faster, more reliable options for lending.
  • Are interested in interest-only payments for the majority of their loan.
  • And have assets to serve as direct collateral.

Our team can help you obtain a Texas private money real estate loan of up to $2 million with our hard money loans for real estate investment. Have questions for our team? Contact us today, and apply now to get cash-in-hand on the double. We can’t wait to help you reach your real estate and financial goals.



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