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Larry the Lender is a short-term, hard money loan (or bridge loan) provider, serving Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas. We specialize in asset-based lending, particularly to real estate investors who buy, fix up, rent, or sell property. We are able to close refinance loans or hard money loans quickly and easily, often within a day or two of initial contact. The private money lending process is fast and easy because we make all agreements and decisions to lend our own money.

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This is our third or 4th loan we have done with Larry. There are not words to describe how much we think of Larry. He is very honest and handles his business very professionally. I would not consider anyone but Larry for a hard money loan.
Anna Naumann
Anna Naumann
21:05 29 Mar 19
Great guys! I have been with this company since 2012. Larry and Mike are very honest and really nice people. They totally stand behind what they say. If you are looking for a loan product that they offer, I would strongly recommend this company.
Correy Tutoring
Correy Tutoring
21:48 23 Mar 18
I have dealt with several "equity lenders" in the past. Some of those experiences were not very pleasant. These folks have been the straightest shooters of them all. No hidden fees, no surprises, just quick answers and a quick closing. You can trust every word that they say. I have had four loans with them and all were quick and easy. Sure the interest rate is higher but the speed and simplicity make up for it. If you are seeking this type of loan, there is no better place to be.
charles newlin
charles newlin
14:14 14 Mar 18
The team at Relative Lending is great to work with. I've done several deals with them and they are quick, efficient, accurate, and provide support on assessing properties.
Brian Case
Brian Case
13:19 08 Apr 18
Relative Lending helped me get my wedding venue off the ground, they helped me purchase a 6 acre property which I sold for a profit before refinancing, a 1 acre property that I'm currently refinancing and I'm about to buy a 1.5 commercial property using Relative Lending to buy it fast with a cash offer getting me in front of other escrow financing option offers, they operate with honesty and integrity I can't say enough good things about them.
Bo Licatino
Bo Licatino
03:23 24 Mar 18
I have very good experience with relative lending, they got me funded in 48hrs, I have been in this business for 20yrs & have never seen such swift and efficient lending, half way through rehab they provided more funding to complete build out, they a very friendly and welcoming, provided good guidance and knowledge throughout this entire process. Most especially they were very respectful. I would definitely do my future projects with them.
Chuno Pee
Chuno Pee
19:44 26 Nov 19



Larry the Lender is a hard money lender with no upfront or hidden fees, eliminating surprise costs and making credit a nonissue. There is also no pre-payment penalty for paying the loan off early. Unlike other hard money lenders in Houston and Austin, TX, we publish our rates, fees, and terms on our website, offering full transparency to all potential borrowers. Owners Mike and Larry strive to provide all information up front and will be happy to answer any questions about commercial real estate loans, cash out loans, equity based loans, and anything that pertains to the hard money lending process. We make hard money loans based on the complete value of your property, without concern for your personal finances or credit status.

So if you’re looking for a fast, honest lender in Houston or Austin, TX to give you a hard money real estate loan, look no further. Call Larry the Lender today.




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Top Hard Money Commercial Real Estate Investment Lenders in Texas

Take advantage of the top hard money commercial real estate investment in Texas by connecting with the knowledgeable, helpful folks at Larry the Lender. Here, we specialize in providing individuals and businesses with the short-term, hard money loans that they need to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities.

As one of the leading hard money commercial real estate lenders in Texas, we offer what just about any real estate investor is looking for — quick access to affordable cash.

Who we work with

Here at Larry the Lender, we work with a wide range of clients. While their investment opportunities might differ, they have one thing in common — they need cash in hand to be able to financially fuel their real estate investment projects.

Not many folks — especially those who are just starting off — have a huge stockpile of cash to work with. With Larry the Lender, you are able to take on opportunities and use almost none of your own money. Larry the Lender provides loans for folks whose investment projects range, including clients that are looking to:

• Flip a home
• Remodel or renovate a commercial property
• Invest in a retail center
• Acquire an office complex
• Cash out of investment properties
• And do a lot more with income-producing properties

Unfortunately, Larry the Lender does not provide loans for properties that serve as your primary residence, which is important to note before applying.

About our loan practices

Many consider Larry the Lender to be the top hard money commercial real estate investment in Texas. That’s because our loans are highly accessible — you don’t have to go through the long, arduous process of applying for a traditional loan with the bank or credit union.

Instead of forcing you to fill out mountains of paperwork while we analyze your credit history, our team will assess the value of your property and use it as collateral. We handle all approvals in house and use our own money to finance the loans, which moves the process along seamlessly.

As trusted, top hard money commercial real estate lenders in Texas, we also provide loans that feature:

• Competitive interest rates when compared to similar products
• Minimal fees
• No surprise or hidden fees
• No pre-payment penalty
• Transparent lending practices (we publish our rates/terms)

The team at Larry the Lender has been in this business for over a decade and we have a passion for serving as a resource for our clients. We invite you to learn more about our financial products and how they can help you in your efforts.

See why so many consider our loans to be the top hard money commercial real estate investment in Texas. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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