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Commercial Real Estate Investment Loans

Real Estate Investment Loans In Austin

When you find yourself ready to make an Austin commercial real estate investment, shop around to find a reliable source for financing. Most people immediately think of a bank, credit union, or other financial institution — but you have other options.

Larry the Lender is a leader in hard money loans, helping you make your commercial real estate investment in Austin TX and beyond. Real estate investment professionals often need to move quickly and have cash on hand. A traditional loan with the bank or credit union does not move along quickly.

Commercial Real Estate Loans In Austin

Our Austin Commercial Real estate loans are hard money, interest-only loans. The two primary benefits that come with this form of lending include:

  • Speed: We can approve commercial real estate loans in Austin TX in as little as a couple of days. We handle the approval process in house and we lend our own money to clients. Larry the Lender takes into consideration the value of your property and uses it as collateral to furnish you with the appropriate financial resources.
  • Ease: You’re also a lot less likely to be turned down for this type of loan, which could stall your Austin commercial real estate investment. Instead of analyzing your credit and scrutinizing your worthiness for a loan, we use the value of your property as one of the sole indicators. You can have dinged-up credit and still qualify for a loan.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans For:

House Flipping
Major Renovations
Commercial Property

We specialize in Austin commercial real estate loans.
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What is your commercial real estate investment in Austin TX? Are you flipping a house? Are you purchasing and remodeling a retail center? Do you want to acquire an office complex? As long as the property does not serve as your primary residence, we have a loan program that can fit your needs.

Turn to the helpful staff at Larry the Lender and make sure you take advantage of your Austin commercial real estate investment opportunity.