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Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investor Loans in Texas

Texas Commercial And Residential Loans

Are you a Texas commercial and residential real estate investor who is looking to get fast cash for additional purchases? Instead of going through a traditional loan process, Larry the Lender finds that many commercial and residential real estate investors in Texas can benefit from hard money lending options.

This means that you can quickly get the financial resources you need to continue your fix-and-flip operations, allowing you to carry on with your real estate investments instead of waiting for loan paperwork to finalize.

Our Texas commercial and residential real estate loans allow business owners and investors to save money, energy, and effort when it comes to purchasing a new property. Let us show you the advantage that commercial and residential real estate loans in Texas can bring your business.

Commercial Real Estate Loans For Texans

How Larry The Lender Helps The Typical Texas Commercial And Residential Real Estate Investor

If you are a fix-and-flip investor, you may need quick cash to purchase your next investment property. Going through traditional funding vehicles — like a loan from a bank or credit union — may not suit your needs. The commercial and residential real estate investor in Texas needs quick access to cash. A hard money loan can help you by:

  • Allowing you to avoid the paperwork and credit checks that come along with bank loans,
  • Offering interest-only loans to minimize your payments
  • Providing short-term options, ranging from 6 to 12-month terms
  • Charging modest origination fees with no hidden costs

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Texas Commercial Real Estate Loans For:

Real Estate
Major Renovations
Commercial Properties

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A Texas commercial and residential real estate investor needs a partner to trust in business. Larry the Lender is your go-to provider, offering reasonable terms and a strong working relationship for all valued clients. As a locally owned and operated company, we’re proud to help prop up real estate investors in our community. Let us show you the difference today – contact us to apply for a hard money loan.