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Hard Money Loans for Commercial Property

Moving to a new office or looking for the right property where your business can break ground can dig a big hole in your budget. Businesses look into commercial real estate all the time, whether they need to buy a new retail outlet that’s in a more convenient location or they need to find a bigger space to keep up with production.

No matter the reason, all that matters is that you have enough money to buy the commercial property that’s in the most convenient location for your customers, has everything you need for your employees to work comfortably, and allows you to get the job done.

That’s where we come in! Larry the Lender provides hard money loans for commercial real estate throughout Austin and Houston, TX. With all the commercial real estate properties up for sale in the area, it certainly won’t be hard finding the most suitable one for your business. However, without sufficient funds, it can be hard to finalize the purchase.

Our hard money loans are available for all types of borrowers. They’re beneficial to borrowers as they offer quick loan funding and flexible loan terms (we work with you!). There’s no prepayment penalty with hard money; fewer loan requirements are involved; and funding can be provided for a nearly endless list of properties. Our loan limits range from $50,000 to a maximum of $2,000,000! Do you think that will be enough for the commercial property you want?

Call Larry the Lender today to learn more about our hard money loans for commercial real estate in Houston and Austin, TX. We’ll make sure you get the required amount of money you need for the space you envision working in for many years to come.