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Are you frustrated by the time traditional financial institutions take to approve a Texas small business real estate loan? You are not alone because most people looking for a small business real estate loan in Texas find the bureaucratic process of banks to be time consuming.

Financial institutions want to know your credit score and your state of employment and there is just too much paper work involved. Larry the Lender is one of the best options for a small business real estate loan in Texas because we lend you the money you need after a quick and easy process.

We are private lenders and all our decisions are made in house. We lend out own money, too.

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Calculating the amount of your Texas small business real estate loan

The value of the property you want to invest in is what helps us decide the amount of money you get. For example, if the property you want to invest in has a high value, you will qualify for a bigger loan. Our hard money loans are good for financing projects such as:

  • Major renovations for properties you want to rent out
  • Major renovations of properties you intend to flip
  • Remodeling of commercial properties
  • Purchase of new commercial properties and more

You get all this with no appraisal costs together with fast closing times that beat other Texas small business real estate lenders. We do not use any particular standard to loan value (LTV) percentage for our loans. If a property is attractive, we might loan as much as 90 percent. For other properties, we might lend 50 percent, which is quite good especially because the average LTV is 75 percent.

Another reason we offer the best services compared to other small business real estate lenders in Texas, is our minimal fees. In fact, our Texas small business real estate loan comes with no hidden fees or surprise costs. We’re also open about the loan rates and terms, and there is no prepayment penalty for paying off your loan before it reaches maturity. Call us today at 713-662-9000 or apply for financing right now.



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