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Private Money Loans For House Flipping In Houston

With a Houston private money real estate loan, all the worries you have about traditional forms of borrowing quickly go out the window. Here at Larry the Lender, we can prove that to you.

We specialize in connecting real estate investors with a private money real estate loan in Houston TX that they need to cash flow their investments. From money to purchase and rehab a rental facility to capital for a retail center, we’re leading Houston private money real estate lenders that have already helped a wide range of folks cash in on their real estate opportunities.

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Our Borrowers Love the Simplicity of our Financing Options

Many people regard Larry the Lender as one of the leading private money real estate lenders in Houston TX — and beyond. We make it quick and simple to access the capital you need. When you consider traditional financing from a bank or credit union, you might be turned off at the thought of:

  • Mountains of paperwork to complete
  • Waiting weeks or months for approval
  • Having your credit history picked apart and scrutinized
  • Running the risk of being stuck with unfavorable interest rates or terms
  • Being turned down completely

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Private Real Estate Loans For:

Major Renovations
House Flippers
Short-Term Investment

We make private loans to property investors in Houston, Tx.
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When you apply for a Houston private money real estate loan with Larry the Lender, the process is completely different. Not only do we make all of our approval decisions in-house, but we offer hard money loans, so we don’t have to mess with looking at your credit — we simply use your property as collateral.

This all means that you can a private money real estate loan in Houston TX that is free of hidden or surprise fees, does not require a pre-payment penalty, and will be delivered to you quickly.

See how easy the application and approval processes can be by contacting Larry the Lender for a Houston private money real estate loan.