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Local real estate investor groups come in many different varieties. Some people are lifelong investors, and own houses, apartments, and office buildings from which they collect a steady stream of revenue. This buy and hold type of investing can be very lucrative in the long run, though it is high on capital expense upfront. Some real estate investors are in the Fix-and-Flip business, buying properties, remodeling them, and selling them for large one-time gains. Some investors choose to purchase properties on the cheap and sell them at a premium, profiting on the difference. Real Estate Investment Trusts have also become a popular method for investing in real estate. Regardless of the type of investment, more people and companies are investing in real estate. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a commercial real estate company, predicts massive global real estate investment in 2017.

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In addition to the cost of lost time, the traditional mortgage also involves an intrusive credit review, with often difficult to meet standards. The financial crisis of 2008 dried up a lot of the liquidity in the financial market, and the requirements for borrowing money became far more stringent. Whether or not this has been a good thing, stabilizing the residential home loan market may be debated, but it has negatively impacted the commercial real estate borrower. Small companies and real estate investors often do not have the net worth, credit scores, or cash flow to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan from a bank or mortgage company.

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Steve Brown, Real Estate Editor of The Dallas Morning News, on February 6, 2017, in a story titled “Dallas on the rise as one of world’s top property investment markets,” posted on that publication’s website that:

JLL predicts that global investment volumes will total almost $700 billion in real estate in 2017.

“New capital targeting real estate is only part of the story; experienced real estate investors are also allocating more money to direct real estate opportunities,” David Green-Morgan, JLL’s global capital markets research director, said in the report. “As these groups tend to be well-versed in allocating capital, they are able to direct large sums of money into the sector relatively quickly.”

Chinese investors were the top foreign buyers of U.S. real estate last year, JLL said.

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In the competitive real estate market that is Texas, it behooves the investor to get access to all the information he or she can. Real estate investment groups are the library of knowledge to which investors can turn. No matter what type of real estate investor you are, you should look to one of these groups for guidance. Call Larry The Lender today at 713-662-9000.

With all the professional real estate investment firms, and foreign buyers purchasing properties in the United States, real estate has become a very competitive marketplace. Corporate investors and other entities have access to large sums of capital, and other resources to draw upon for their investments. In order to compete, the individual real estate investor needs a place to turn for access to capital, education, and information. Hard money lenders like Larry the Lender provide valuable access to capital for individual investors, to which they may not otherwise have access. But investors have other needs as well.

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This is where the real estate investment group can become a valuable resource for the real estate investor. An individual just starting out in real estate investment needs all the help he or she can get in trying to figure out all the ins-and-outs of the real estate investment business. People who have been in this business a long time already know that the key to success is access to information, and connections with other people in the industry. Real estate investment groups provide a useful knowledge base, with information on remodeling services, insurance, lenders, title companies, and a host of other things that will help the real estate investor negotiate their way through the process.

The Houston Real Estate Investment Association is one such group to which investors can turn. They are the Houston Chapter of the Texas Wealth Network and provide networking and education opportunities to investors. The Wealth Club and the Rich Club are similar organizations in Houston. Real estate investors in Austin, Texas can turn to the Real Estate Investment Association of Austin. All these associations provide access to information. The search for a good title company, access to funding, or a source to find good contractors can often be completed by just turning to the resources these clubs offer. The people in these organizations help each other network to find the services they need.