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Looking for Houston Asset Based Lending For Real Estate?

Houston asset based lending for real estate loans are ideal for professionals that want to invest in income-producing properties. While these folks can certainly go to a bank, credit union, or other financial institution for a traditional loan, this avenue is also filled with barriers that can get in the way of acquiring needed finances.

Larry the Lender has a solution and it comes in the form of our asset-based lending real estate loans in Houston TX. Instead of making you fill out a mountain of paperwork and waiting while we sort through your credit history, you can take advantage of hard money loans that get the cash in your account almost instantly.

Serving Houston’s Real Estate Loan Needs

About Houston Asset Lending For Real Estate Loans

If you are still relatively new to the concept of hard money loans, then let’s take a minute to explain to you how they work and how they can benefit you.

  • When you apply for one of our Houston asset-based lending real estate loans, we simply take into consideration the value of the property you are looking to invest in. We use that as collateral instead of embarking on the timely process of examining your loan worthiness.
  • Because all of our loans are comprised of our own money, we get to make decisions in-house on whether or not to approve your loan. This makes for a quick, easy approval process, which is ideal for many real estate investors.
  • These are interest only, asset-based lending real estate loans in Houston TX. We publish our rates, terms, and fees online for complete transparency. You don’t have to worry about pre-payment penalties, hidden fees, and more.

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Rental Properties
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We invite you to explore our options for Houston asset-based lending real estate loans. We are confident you will find that this is the best avenue for achieving your real estate investment goals.