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Loans For Commercial Real Estate Investment

Are you looking to make a Houston commercial real estate investment, but you don’t necessarily have the liquid capital needed to make it happen? You’ve come to the right place!

Larry the Lender works with a long list of clients around the area that are looking to get into a commercial real estate investment in Houston TX. These are folks who want to:

  • Purchase property
  • Rehab a facility
  • Rent out a property
  • Re-sell the property
  • And more

All of these scenarios require money — and not all investors are able to cash flow it. With Houston commercial real estate loans by Larry the Lender, you can take advantage of these opportunities without being roped into an unfavorable borrowing situation.

Commercial Real Estate Loans In Houston

We Utilize Hard Money Commercial Real Estate Loans in Houston TX

Larry the Lender offers loan opportunities that are transparent and feature competitive interest rates and absolutely no hidden fees, pre-payment penalties, or surprises costs. These are relatively common tactics utilized by fellow lenders to try to squeeze every penny out of you as possible.

With Larry the Lender, you can take advantage of Houston commercial real estate investment opportunities with hard money loans. By putting your property up as collateral (we’ll order an appraisal as quickly as possible to approve the loan), there is no need for our team to pick through your credit to determine if you are worthy of financing.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans For:

Major Renovations
Fix And Flip Properties
Commercial Properties

Make that commercial real estate investment in Houston TX! Give us a call at 713-662-9000.

Larry the Lender has already helped a long list of men and women throughout the local area gain the financing they need to move forward with their real estate investment opportunities – and you can, too.

Simply contact a member of our staff and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re ready to help you apply for one of our loans so you can take advantage of your Houston commercial real estate investment opportunity.