Loans For Flipping Houses

Fix And Flip The Smart Way: Flipping House Investor Loan

Loans for flipping houses breathes new life into living spaces bought by real estate investors. These particular houses are often bought at auctions, fixed up, and then sold for profit. They’re homes that are old, worn down, foreclosed, and unlivable- at least until the flipping happens! If you’re new to the house-flipping business, you’ve come to the right place.

Why House Flippers Should Take Advantage Of Hard Money Fix And Flip Loans

Flipping houses is a great industry to get into. Although it’s extremely hard work, very time-consuming, and can be costly – but that’s where we come in. Larry the Lender specializes in hard money loans. We help house flippers throughout Houston, TX, pay for all the repairs and renovations they want to make on the homes they fix up. Hard money loans are especially beneficial to house flippers who are just starting out in the business or those who have low credit scores. With that said, they’re also easier to qualify for compared to bank financing.

Flipping a house involves gutting out the entire home and revamping the entire interior and exterior. It’s no wonder these jobs cost so much! If you are ready to flip your first house, or maybe you’re a veteran house flipper, we can help you. Our short-term hard money fix and flip loans are perfect for you as we require interest-only payments on most loans, we close these loans quickly, and we specialize in asset-based lending.