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  • 12.99% Loan Rate
  • Minimum Loan $75k
  • 90% Of Our Loans Get Funded Within 2 Days
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Houston Location

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5000 Locust Bellaire,

Why Choose Larry The Lender?

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Family Legacy

Larry The Lender is a family-owned Houston loan agency, spearheaded by cousins Larry and Mike. With over 50 years of combined experience as a Houston hard money lender, we’ve built a strong reputation as a direct hard money lender in the Houston area.
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Swift Closures

Furnish us with the necessary title-work and documents, and we’ll have you set to close in Houston in as little as two days.
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Genuine Direct Lenders

Bypassing brokers in Houston, we stand true to our role as a leading Houston private hard money lender, lending from our personal reserves or our dedicated lines of credit, ensuring a smooth lending experience for our borrowers.

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Decisions Made In-House

Every loan decision is curated and finalized within our walls by the owners themselves, eliminating external influences in our Houston loan process.
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Authentic Valuations

We prioritize transparency over traditional appraisals, conducting our own market comparisons to set our valuations as a leading Houston loan agency.
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No Surprises

When working with us, expect a quick closing process, in-house approval process, and steady terms as a trustworthy Houston hard money lender. Our terms are exactly what you see on our website.

What our Customer Say

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Use almost none of your money

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Larry the lender will provide loans

Who We Work With

Your Trusted Houston Hard Money Lender Partner At Larry the Lender, a prominent Houston loan agency, we stand alongside a broad clientele, each keen on making their mark in the real estate landscape of Houston. Their endeavors vary, but a singular need unites them all: a reliable source of hard lending money to fuel their property ambitions in Houston.

In the competitive world of real estate in Houston, not every investor — particularly the newcomers — has immediate access to ample capital. That’s where Larry the Lender steps in. As the best Houston hard money lenders, we offer solutions that let you tap into lucrative opportunities using minimal personal funds in Houston. We specialize in:

  • Fix and Flip Loans: Turning properties into profitable endeavors in Houston.
  • Commercial Hard Money Loans: Financing the renovation or remodel of commercial spaces in Houston.
  • Investment in Retail Centers: Empowering your retail vision in Houston.
  • Acquisition of Office Complexes: Expanding your commercial footprint in Houston.
  • Hard Money Loan for Investment Property: Allowing a swift cash-out from your investment assets in Houston.
  • Enhancing portfolios with diverse income-producing properties in Houston.
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Houston Commercial Hard Money Loans

As a leading Houston commercial hard money lender, Larry The Lender delivers straightforward loan solutions using our personal funds. With loans ranging from $75,000 to $5 million, we cater to diverse commercial real estate investments in the Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio Metro areas. Experience our prompt closing process and consistent terms. Ready to get started? Apply now or contact us at (713) 662-9000.

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Houston Residential Hard Money Loans

Looking for a residential hard money loan in Houston? Larry The Lender has you covered! With over five decades of refining our lending strategies, we offer loans without the need for traditional appraisals. We set our own values and conduct our own comparisons, ensuring an efficient process for your investment property or refinance needs in Houston. Don’t delay, apply today!
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Houston Fix and Flip Loans

Larry The Lender, your trusted Houston hard money lender, supports ambitious fix and flip investors with enticing loan packages. Our in-house property evaluations and consistent terms mean no hidden fees or surprises, providing reliable financing for your next fix and flip venture in Houston. Let us help you transform that property into profit!
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Reliable Hard Money Lenders Houston

Larry the Lender is a premier private money lender providing short term loans, hard money loans (or bridge loans) in the Houston area. Our specialization lies in asset-based lending, specifically catering to Houston real estate investors who buy, refurbish, rent, or sell properties.

Our Houston loan agency is equipped to close refinance loans or hard money loans rapidly and effortlessly, often within just a day or two after the initial contact.

The private money lending process with Larry the Lender is streamlined and efficient, as we control all agreements and make lending decisions using our own funds. If you’re in need of a reliable Houston hard money lender for your real estate ventures, don’t hesitate to call Larry the Lender today!

Call now to speak with a Houston hard money lender: 713-662-9000

You won’t find a more reliable commercial and residential Houston hard money lender in Houston, TX!

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No Upfront or Hidden Fees

At our Houston loan agency, we maintain complete transparency, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about any upfront or hidden fees.
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No Prepayment Penalties

Our secure financing procedures guarantee that you will receive your loan without any prepayment penalties.
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No Surprise Costs

We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring that they will not encounter any unexpected costs. Trust us as your Houston hard money lender to provide clear and consistent lending solutions.
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Experience Premier Hard Money Lending with Larry the Lender

As one of the most respected Houston hard money lenders in Texas, Larry the Lender simplifies the process that is often bogged down in traditional bank or credit union loans. We bypass cumbersome paperwork and rigorous credit history checks, focusing instead on the genuine value of your property.

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Here’s why we excel as a leading Houston commercial hard money lender:

  • Speedy Process: By assessing your property's value to serve as collateral and utilizing our own funds for commercial hard money loans, we make in-house approvals efficient and straightforward.
  • Competitive Advantages: Benefit from rates that stand strong against similar offerings, minimal fees, complete transparency (with no hidden costs), and the freedom of no prepayment penalties.
  • Transparent Practices: Our philosophy centers on clarity. We adhere to Houston hard money lending practices that are uncomplicated, and we openly display our rates and terms.
  • Decades of Expertise: Our knowledgeable team, rich with experience, has been a vital part of the private lenders for real estate landscape for over a decade. We're here as more than just lenders; we're your insightful partners in the Houston area.

Whether you’re exploring hard money loans for flipping houses, searching for private hard money loans for an investment property, or investigating Houston commercial hard money loans, Larry the Lender stands as a trusted name in Texas real estate lending. We’ve earned a reputation as a prominent Houston hard money loan agency dedicated to your success.

Discover why so many endorse our dedication to hard money lending in Houston. For an honest look at how we can elevate your real estate aspirations, get in touch with us. No obligations, just valuable insights.

Loan Overview

Loan Programs Type Commercial Loans Residential Loans Land / Lots Loans Fix / Flip Loans
Do We Offer Them? Yes Yes Yes Yes
LTV 70-80% 70-80% 0-50% 70-80%
Minimum Loan Amount $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000
Maximum Loan Amount $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000
Loan Term Offered 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months
Interest Rate Offered 12.99% 12.99% 12.99% 12.99%
Points Charged 2 or 3 based on term 2 or 3 based on term 2 or 3 based on term 2 or 3 based on term
Pre-payment Penalty No No No No
Insurance Requirements Property, Windstorm Property, Windstorm N/A Property, Windstorm
Flood Insurance Requirements For Floodzone Properties For Floodzone Properties N/A For Floodzone Properties
Lending Area Texas Only Texas Only Texas Only Texas Only
Special Requirements Phase 1 - Loans > $1 million N/A Possible Survey N/A

More Hard Money Loan Programs with Your Houston’s Best Hard Money Lender

We stand as one of the top private lenders for real estate in the Houston region, offering programs with reasonable rates for asset-based lending. Get assistance with commercial, rental, and other revenue-generating properties today from a premier Houston hard money loan lender.

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Houston, TX Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term financial solution that helps individuals or businesses secure funds until they obtain permanent financing or meet an existing obligation. Often used to bridge the gap when buying a new property before selling the existing one, a bridge loan leverages the equity from your commercial or investment property towards to make an offer on a new property, without feeling pressured to sell. It’s a versatile solution meeting immediate cash flow needs, particularly in real estate transactions where buyers may lack sufficient funds in the Houston area.

Houston, TX Asset Based Lending

As a leading Houston hard money lender, we offer asset-based lending based on the value of company assets, including accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, or other property owned by the company. Such loans are often sought by businesses in Houston for working capital, refinancing, debt consolidation, or financing mergers and acquisitions.

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Houston, TX Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans are used to buy or refinance commercial property. Typically secured by commercial property liens, these loans from your trusted Houston loan agency can be utilized for various commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, or apartment complexes in Houston.

Houston, TX Transactional Funding

Transactional funding is a short-term loan provided by your preferred Houston hard money lender for real estate investors to finance the purchase of a property before its quick resale in Houston. This funding is commonly used in “double closing” deals, providing the liquidity needed for the first transaction in a back-to-back closing process.

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Larry The Lender Hard Money Loans Houston FAQ

Who are Larry and Mike, the faces behind Larry The Lender, the Houston hard money lender?
Larry and Mike are cousins with over 50 years of combined hard money lending experience. They offer direct, trustworthy hard money loans to real estate investors, making Larry The Lender a reliable name in the Houston loan agency industry.
What sets Larry The Lender apart from other Houston hard money lenders?
Larry The Lender is not just another hard money lender but a distinguished one in the Houston region. They use their funds or lines of credit to provide loans, guaranteeing fixed terms without the danger of hidden fees or rate increases. Additionally, their rapid two-day closing process distinguishes them from many other lenders in the area.
What kinds of hard money loans does Larry The Lender, a prominent Houston hard money lender, offer?
Larry The Lender presents various hard money loan programs to suit diverse needs in Houston, including Commercial Hard Money Loans, Residential Hard Money Loans, and Fix and Flip Loans, all at a competitive rate.
Who qualifies for hard money loans at Larry The Lender, the go-to Houston loan agency?
Larry The Lender is a preferred provider of commercial and investment loans in Houston. Whether you need to finance your commercial properties, rental units, multi-family properties, or refinance such investments, Larry The Lender is the Houston hard money lender you can trust.
How quickly can Larry The Lender, a top Houston hard money lender, close a loan?
Larry The Lender is renowned for their fast service in Houston, closing hard money loans within two days once all required paperwork is completed. Their dedication to a speedy and effective process enables real estate investors in Houston to commence their projects without unnecessary hold-ups.