Most Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Larry the Lender, your trusted source for hard money loans. With years of expertise, we’ve become a leader in the hard money lending industry, offering tailored solutions to real estate investors. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions.
What is your Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV)?
Larry The Lender assesses each loan to determine the LTV we are comfortable with on an individual project. We average around 60-80%, but can go even higher with borrowers we have established good working relationships with. It all depends on the specific property and loan amount!
What is your interest rate?
Our interest rate is 12.99%, with an origination fee of either 2 points for a 6 month or 3 points for a 12 month term.
Do you loan on raw land?
Larry The Lender will loan on raw land, but will tend to stay at or less than a 50% LTV. As with all our loans, approval depends on many factors such as location of the property.
Do you do construction loans?
While we don’t do traditional, pure construction loans, we are willing to lend for construction purposes when the loan amount does not exceed the value of the property. We also accept cross-collateralization of additional properties to reach a loan amount suitable to your needs. Call us today to discuss the specifics of your project.
Do you have a prepayment penalty?
At Larry The Lender we are happy to see our borrowers succeed! There is NEVER a penalty for paying off your note early.
Do you loan on After Repair Value (ARV)?
We assess the value of a property based on what we think we could sell it for now, in other words, we do NOT loan on ARV.
What happens to my loan at maturity?
We want our borrowers to succeed, and that means being flexible. We are not a loan-to-own company, and as long as you have been consistent and honest with us, we will work with you to modify and extend the loan’s maturity date.
Where do you lend?
We are a family owned business with homes in both Houston and Austin: these are the markets we are most familiar with and comfortable lending in. Larry loves an excuse to fly his airplane though, so we are often willing to extend our reach to the greater Houston area as well as the Texas Hill Country and beyond.
Do you loan on owner-occupied property (homesteads)?
We can not loan money on owner-occupied property.
Do you require a credit check?
No, we do not usually require a credit check. We are an asset-based lender and make our decisions based on the value of the property.