Why Choose Larry The Lender as Your Dallas Hard Money Lender?

Competitive Loan Rates!

  • 12.99% Loan Rate
  • Minimum Loan $75k
  • 90% Of Our Loans Get Funded Within 2 Days
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Why Choose Larry The Lender?

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Family Legacy

Larry The Lender is a family-owned Dallas loan agency, directed by cousins Larry and Mike. With more than 50 years of combined experience as a Dallas hard money lender, we’ve crafted a strong reputation as a direct hard money lender in the Dallas area.
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Swift Closures

Provide us with the essential title-work and paperwork, and we’ll prepare you to close in Dallas in as little as two days.
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Genuine Direct Lenders

Bypassing brokers in Dallas, we maintain our role as a top Dallas hard money lender, lending from our personal reserves or dedicated credit lines, assuring a seamless lending journey for our clients.
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Decisions Made In-House

Every loan decision is crafted and finalized within our walls by the proprietors themselves, erasing external influences in our Dallas lending procedure.
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Authentic Valuations

We emphasize clarity over conventional appraisals, performing our market comparisons to determine our valuations as a prominent Dallas loan agency.
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No Surprises

When collaborating with us, expect a speedy closing, in-house approval, and consistent terms from a trustworthy Dallas hard money lender. Our conditions are precisely what you see on our site.

What our Customer Say

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Use almost none of your money

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Larry the lender will provide loans

Your Trusted Dallas Hard Money Lender Partner

At Larry the Lender, a distinguished Dallas loan agency, we work closely with a varied clientele, each eager to leave a mark in Dallas’s real estate landscape. Their projects differ, but a shared need brings them together: a credible source of hard lending money to boost their property dreams in Dallas.

In Dallas’s competitive real estate world, not every investor — particularly novices — has immediate access to sufficient capital. That’s where Larry the Lender intervenes. As Dallas’s finest hard money lenders, we offer solutions allowing you to seize profitable opportunities using minimal personal funds in Dallas. We specialize in:

  • Fix and Flip Loans: Converting properties into profitable pursuits in Dallas.
  • Commercial Hard Money Loans: Funding the renovation or modification of commercial spaces in Dallas.
  • Investment in Retail Centers: Fueling your retail objectives in Dallas.
  • Acquisition of Office Complexes: Broadening your commercial reach in Dallas.
  • Hard Money Loan for Investment Property: Enabling quick cash-out from your investment assets in Dallas.
  • Enriching portfolios with various income-producing properties in Dallas.
By focusing on these keywords, the content emphasizes Larry the Lender’s role as a Houston hard money lender and Houston loan agency, underscoring the company’s offerings and dedication to the Houston market.
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Dallas, TX Commercial Hard Money Loans

As a premier Dallas commercial hard money lender, Larry The Lender furnishes straightforward loan options using our private funds. With loans from $75,000 to $5 million, we cater to diverse commercial real estate investments in the Dallas region. Experience our timely closing process and stable terms. Ready to begin? Apply now or call us at (713) 662-9000.

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Dallas, TX Residential Hard Money Loans

In search of a residential hard money loan in Dallas? Larry The Lender is here for you! With over five decades of honing our lending techniques, we offer loans without traditional appraisals. We set our values and conduct our comparisons, ensuring an effective process for your investment property or refinancing needs in Dallas. Don’t hesitate, apply today!
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Dallas, TX Fix and Flip Loans

Larry The Lender, your reliable Dallas hard money lender, supports determined fix and flip investors with attractive loan packages. Our in-house property assessments and consistent terms mean no concealed charges or surprises, offering dependable financing for your next fix and flip project in Dallas. Let us assist you in converting that property into profit!
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Hard Money Loans in Dallas, TX

Larry the Lender is a leading provider of short-term, hard money loans (or bridge loans) in the Dallas area.

Our expertise lies in asset-based lending, specifically designed for real estate investors who buy, renovate, lease, or sell properties. Our Dallas loan agency is prepared to close refinance loans or hard money loans rapidly and effortlessly, often within just a day or two after the initial contact.

The private money lending process with Larry the Lender is streamlined and efficient, as we control all agreements and make lending decisions utilizing our funds. If you need a dependable Dallas hard money lender for your real estate ventures, call Larry the Lender today!

Call now to speak with a Dallas hard money lender: 713-662-9000

You won’t find a more reliable commercial and residential hard money lender in Dallas, TX!

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No Upfront or Hidden Fees

At our Dallas loan agency, we practice full transparency, assuring you don’t need to fret about any upfront or concealed fees.
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No Prepayment Penalties

Our secure financing methods guarantee a loan free from any prepayment penalties.
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No Surprise Costs

We believe in cultivating lasting relationships with our customers, assuring no unexpected expenses. Trust us as your Dallas hard money lender to provide clear and consistent lending solutions.

Experience Premier Dallas Hard Money Lending with Larry the Lender

As one of Texas’s most respected Dallas hard money lenders, Larry the Lender simplifies a process often complicated in conventional bank or credit union loans. We evade burdensome paperwork and rigorous credit history assessments, concentrating instead on your property’s authentic value.

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Here’s why we excel as a leading Dallas commercial hard money lender:
  • Speedy Process: Assessing your property's value as collateral and utilizing our funds for commercial hard money loans, we make in-house approvals effective and straightforward.
  • Competitive Advantages: Enjoy robust rates, minimal fees, total transparency (without concealed costs), and the liberty of no prepayment penalties.
  • Transparent Practices: Our philosophy emphasizes simplicity. We follow Dallas hard money lending practices that are clear-cut, openly displaying our rates and terms.
  • Decades of Expertise: Our skilled team, brimming with experience, has been a crucial part of the private lending landscape for real estate for over a decade.
We’re here as more than lenders; we’re your insightful allies in the Dallas area. Whether you’re exploring fix and flip loans, seeking a hard money loan for investment property, or investigating Dallas commercial hard money loans, Larry the Lender stands as a trusted name in Texas real estate lending. We’ve established ourselves as a renowned Dallas loan agency, devoted to your triumph. Discover why so many applaud our commitment to hard money lending in Dallas. For an honest evaluation of how we can lift your real estate goals, reach out to us. No obligations, just valuable insights.

Loan Overview

Loan Programs Type Commercial Loans Residential Loans Land / Lots Loans Fix / Flip Loans
Do We Offer Them? Yes Yes Yes Yes
LTV 70-80% 70-80% 0-50% 70-80%
Minimum Loan Amount $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000
Maximum Loan Amount $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000
Loan Term Offered 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months
Interest Rate Offered 12.99% 12.99% 12.99% 12.99%
Points Charged 2 or 3 based on term 2 or 3 based on term 2 or 3 based on term 2 or 3 based on term
Pre-payment Penalty No No No No
Insurance Requirements Property, Windstorm Property, Windstorm N/A Property, Windstorm
Flood Insurance Requirements For Floodzone Properties For Floodzone Properties N/A For Floodzone Properties
Lending Area Texas Only Texas Only Texas Only Texas Only
Special Requirements Phase 1 - Loans > $1 million N/A Possible Survey N/A

More Hard Money Loan Programs with Your Dallas Hard Money Lender

As a top-tier Dallas hard money lender, we provide an extensive range of loan programs that facilitate real estate investment in the Dallas region. Our offerings come with reasonable rates for asset-based lending, tailored to commercial, rental, and other revenue-generating properties. Partner with us, a distinguished Dallas loan agency, and explore your possibilities today.

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Dallas, TX Bridge Loans

Bridge loans, a popular financial instrument in Dallas, serve as a temporary solution for securing funds until you obtain long-term financing or satisfy an existing commitment. Primarily used to bridge financial gaps when purchasing a new property before selling an existing one, these loans utilize your current commercial or investment property’s equity, enabling you to act on a new opportunity without feeling rushed to sell. This flexibility meets immediate cash flow demands, particularly for Dallas real estate buyers who need extra financial support.

Dallas, TX Asset Based Lending

As a leading Dallas hard money lender, we specialize in asset-based lending, relying on company assets like accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, or other properties for loan evaluation. Businesses in Dallas frequently turn to us for working capital, refinancing, debt consolidation, or financing mergers and acquisitions.

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Dallas, TX Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans from your trusted Dallas loan agency are crafted to purchase or refinance commercial properties. Backed by commercial property liens, these loans can be applied to diverse commercial assets like office buildings, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, or apartment complexes in Dallas.

Dallas, TX Transactional Funding

Your preferred Dallas hard money lender offers transactional funding, a short-term loan essential for real estate investors to finance a property’s purchase before swift resale in Dallas. This funding method is vital for “double closing” deals, providing the liquidity required for the initial transaction in a back-to-back closing procedure.

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Larry The Lender Hard Money Loans Faq

Who are Larry and Mike, the experts behind Larry The Lender, the Dallas hard money lender?
Larry and Mike, cousins with over 50 years of shared experience, specialize in offering direct, honest hard money loans to real estate investors. Their joint effort has shaped Larry The Lender into a trusted name in the Dallas loan agency market.
What sets Larry The Lender apart from other Dallas hard money lenders?
Larry The Lender stands out in Dallas for utilizing personal funds or credit lines to furnish loans, ensuring stable terms without hidden fees or rate spikes. Their unique, rapid two-day closing process further distinguishes them from many other lenders in Dallas.
What types of hard money loans does Larry The Lender, a prominent Dallas hard money lender, provide?
Larry The Lender delivers diverse hard money loan programs to meet various needs in Dallas, encompassing Commercial Hard Money Loans, Residential Hard Money Loans, and Fix and Flip Loans, all at competitive rates.
Who qualifies for hard money loans at Larry The Lender, the preferred Dallas loan agency?
Larry The Lender is a sought-after provider of commercial and investment loans in Dallas. From financing commercial properties, rental units, multi-family properties to refinancing such investments, Larry The Lender is the Dallas hard money lender to rely on.
How quickly can Larry The Lender, a leading Dallas hard money lender, close a loan?
Larry The Lender is celebrated for their rapid service in Dallas, capable of closing hard money loans within two days once all requisite paperwork is finalized. Their commitment to a fast and efficient process allows real estate investors in Dallas to kickstart their projects without unnecessary delays.