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Fix And Flip House Investment Loan Lenders In Texas

Fix And Flip Loans For Texans

If you have been searching for Austin asset-based lending real estate loans, it’s time you discovered why our customers are choosing us.

At Larry the Lender, we pride ourselves in being more knowledgeable about the real estate business than our competitors because we are knee-deep in the business ourselves. We offer a quick turn-around time for asset-based lending real estate loans in Austin TX because we cut out the middle man and loan our customers our own money.

For your Austin asset-based underwriting real estate loans, it’s important to find the right lender and we are just the guys for you. We understand how important it is to close your loan quickly and we streamline our process to make sure you can do just that. We also provide transparent interest rates, terms, and fees so you can get a clear idea of how much your loan will cost over its life.

Fix And Flip Loans In Texas

What a Texas fix and flip house investment loan can do for your business

Instead of wrangling with the banks — and dealing with the hassle of credit checks, processing fees, and hidden costs — why not check out a leading hard money lender like Larry the Lender?

Our model allows us to offer you a fix and flip house investment loan in Texas for a reasonable rate with quick processing time. Other advantages of working with Larry the Lender include:

  • Flexible, interest-only repayment terms with no pre-payment penalty
  • Collateral focus without pesky credit checks
  • Fast cash – often in just a day or two of contacting our team
  • Fewer requirements for our easy loan application
  • Close partnership with our team for your ongoing business success

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Fix And Flip Real Estate Loans For:

Real Estate
Major Renovations
Commercial Properties

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Let us show you the difference that comes along with a Texas fix and flip house investment loan. Without full-fledged loan payments, you can afford to spend more capital on the important renovations that make up your business model. Apply today with our easily printable application! We can’t wait to get started for you.